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Play the game

There is a difference between training (for development and/or testing of skills) and utilizing those skills outside of your training, whether in a competitive format, in scenario training or in an unsolicited violent situation.

What we do in training is a game. That is true whether you are competing in any of the top-level martial arts competitions or whether you are engaging in the most realistic self defence training possible.

Ten reasons why your moves won’t work!

How many times have you heard someone remark “That won’t work!” about a particular tactic or training method? Here are my top ten reasons why your tactics or training methods won’t work: You’re too close! You’re too far away! The angle of entry/application is wrong. This technique relies on a particular attack. You’re not unbalancing […]

Creating and delivering self defence courses for women

Every year I deliver a number of single sex and mixed sex personal safety and self defence courses or lectures. A moderator on the online forum Martial Arts Planet recently approached me to write a short article about how I approach the subject of female self defence. The subject is far too large to sum […]

Six things you should do in your training

1. Train against attacks to the head The head is an obvious target.  Not only can we be knocked unconscious through strikes to the head, our ability to hear, see, shout and even our balance can be damaged. We do have natural reflexes to protect the head which will be activated should our eyes receive […]

Why I train alone (and so should you).

Your instructor’s class isn’t designed to improve your skills.  That can’t be right surely?  Your instructor’s aim is to help you improve. Yes and no. In theory your instructor’s aim is to help you improve, but he’s also trying to do that for all the other students in the class, and their needs aren’t going […]