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Addressing self defence in martial arts training

Martial arts training can comprise aspects of self defence, but unless the art has been specifically devised for that purpose recently, it isn’t the same thing.

Play the game

There is a difference between training (for development and/or testing of skills) and utilizing those skills outside of your training, whether in a competitive format, in scenario training or in an unsolicited violent situation.

What we do in training is a game. That is true whether you are competing in any of the top-level martial arts competitions or whether you are engaging in the most realistic self defence training possible.

Why I regularly train with other people (and so should you)

 A few weeks ago I discussed the value and importance of training alone, but solo training is only one part of the bigger picture.  There are very good reasons why you should always make the effort to train with other people. Timing and reactions Practicing a movement many times increases our ability to perform that […]