Environmental Awareness


Environmental awareness is a crucial attribute in self protection.

The majority of self protection lies in the assessment, avoidance, deterrence, and de-escalation of aggression and situations where conflict is likely, but regrettably this is not always possible.

Training your physical skills against habitual acts of violence increases your understanding and recognition of their telegraphs, an attribute that can increase the likelihood of reacting in time to a physical attack.   Scenario training can increase your comfort in dealing with verbal aggression and increase your ability to identify the behavioural precursors to a physical attack.

Unfortunately we can often miss these indicators due to our focus on trying to resolve the situation peacefully.  Our brains can become overloaded by the tasks of watching the person in front of us, trying to hear what he/she is saying, trying to think about whether to talk or hit or run, wondering what our friends will do, or what our partner or children will do, working out what to say and watching other people etc… This means that despite our knowledge of the telegraphs – we often miss them.

In this video students and instructors from a range of different styles get caught off guard and hit by role playing aggressors.  I hope the footage proves useful to you in your own training.

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